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02/09/2015 - MAXIM
MAX2121B New Product Announcement!!
25/08/2015 - FORCE
FT Replacement for x86 Processor
06/08/2015 - MAXIM
!!MAX32620/MAX32621 New Product Announcements!!
06/08/2015 - MAXIM
1-Wire®-to-I²C Master Bridge
22/06/2015 - MAXIM
MAX14853/MAX14855, MAX14890E New Product!
The FT709 is manufactured into 3 industry standard packages, the 20 le
31/05/2015 - MAXIM
New Products Max 11301
25/05/2015 - MAXIM
MAX9286 New Product
25/05/2015 - MAXIM
MAX9286 New Product
19/04/2015 - MAXIM
MAX11254 New Product Announcement!!
14/04/2015 - MAXIM
Quad Fault protected Rs-485/Rs-422
Receiver wi
13/04/2015 - MAXIM
MAX11900 New Product Announcement!!
13/04/2015 - MAXIM
MAX6072 New Product Announcement!!
13/04/2015 - DIALOG
Dialog introduces SmartBond DA14680
13/04/2015 - MAXIM
MAX78615+PPM New Product Announcement!!
13/04/2015 - MAXIM
MAX11904 New Product Announcement!!
13/04/2015 - MAXIM
MAX31856 New Product Announcement!!
15/03/2015 - FTDI CHIP
FTDI Chip Unveils High Resolution EVE Devices
Delivering faster
02/03/2015 - OASIS 5--Conference and Exhibition
Conference and Exhhibition on Optics and Electro-Optics
David I
03/02/2015 - MURATA
OKDx-T/50 series
03/02/2015 - MURATA
NXE1 : 1 W DC-DC converter 30% smaller height profile at a lower price
03/02/2015 - MURATA
D1U4 Additions
03/02/2015 - MURATA
MGJ3 and MGJ6 Series
22/01/2015 - FTDI
18/12/2014 - Murata
500 & 600W Quarter Brick bus converters with PMBus digital communicat
17/11/2014 - FTDI
FT600 series - SuperSpeed USB3.0
The FT600 is the first device in a brand new SuperSpeed series from FTDI Chip. The device provides a USB3.0 SuperSpeed to FIFO bridge, with up to 5Gbps of bandwidth. With the option of 16 and 32 bit wide parallel FIFO interfaces, the FT600 enables connectivity for numerous applications including high resolution cameras and displays, multifunction printers and much more.

More technical information and support details are available on FTDI website

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