The leader in enterprise device networking, From IT equipment to just about any electronic device, delivering rugged, reliable and secure networking solutions for remote management and control…from anywhere any time.

Lantronix provide the ability to remotely control, monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot your equipment over a network or the Internet.

You can choose serial to Ethernet, serial to WiFi, or USB to Ethernet solutions, advanced encryption for maximum security, and device servers designed for commercial or heavy-duty industrial applications.



Option offers High-Speed (14.4Mbps DL / 5.76Mbps UL) multi-mode 3.5G modules compliant with Gobi3000 API (based on Qualcomm Chipsets).
  • LGA, PCle MiniCard (Optional WiFi connectivity is supported)
  • Highly-sensitive GPS connectivity
  • PCM voice capability
  • Worldwide 2G/3G coverage (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSxPA/EVDO) and Certified
  • USB Modems, Routers,3G Camers (security) products are available

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