O-Net is one of the largest and leading fiber optic component and module suppliers in the world, with customers from all over the world. O-Net design, manufacture and market a variety of passive, active, integrated optics and crystal components as well as optical sub-systems.


3 port bandpass filter WDM, 3 port edge filter WDM, Optical isolator, PLC splitter, Latching optical switch, Gain Flattening filter(GFF), SM optical coupler, CWD, mux/demux Module, CWDM OADM module, Mini CWDM mux/demux Module, DWDM mux/demux Module, DWDM OADM module, Vmux/demux.


Fiberguide has been the Fiber Optic Solutions company to the OEM market for almost three decades, with a comprehensive line of standard and custom high optical transmission multi-mode, single-mode and graded-index optical fibers from the UV (180nm) to NIR (2.7 microns), and temperature ranges from -269ºC to +700ºC (through the application of various coating materials).

Fiberguide is also active in the design and manufacture of ultra precision high density 2D and V-Groove arrays (patents issued) designed for free space parallel interconnections.Fiberguide is also a custom Device Manufacturer.


  • Multimode pure silica optical fibers, Continuous length metalized optical fibers
  • Specialty Step-Index, Graded-Index, Single-Mode optical fibers and tapered fibers
  • Custom OEM optical fiber based cables and assemblies
  • OEM 2D optical arrays

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